About Life Path Bracelets

So you want to know a little about us. Kim got the idea for the Life Path Bracelet when she wanted to give a gift to a special friend. She knew her friend's Life Path Number, so she came up with the idea of creating a bracelet which would celebrate the qualities of that Life Path Number. A few weeks later it was her sister Kathy's birthday. Kim designed a second bracelet. Kathy fell in love with it. She started showing it to her friends and they wanted bracelets too. With Kathy's great sales ideas, Life Path Bracelets, LLC was born.

Our business has grown beyond word of mouth to include this internet business. We also sell the bracelets in Metaphysical Stores. Recently, we decided to add Kim's husband Peter as the Marketing Director.

Our vision is that when you wear your bracelet, you will celebrate the qualities of your own Life Path. We also hope that you will learn to accept and respect the unique qualities of each of the other 12 Life Paths. Well, that's enough about us.

Oh, one other thing - Kim's Life Path Number is #5 "The Free Spirit", Kathy's is #11 "The Peacemaker", and Peter's is a #6 "The Nurturing Teacher". One is a thinking number, one is a feeling number, and one is a "Master Number". We've think we've got the bases covered.

Be joyful as you travel on your path,

Kim Fanelli Kathy Andres Peter Fanelli